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Product Description:
Quality Craftsmanship: Our fleece ear warmer headbands are made of synthetic stretch fabric, polyester and spandex, anti-static, no ball, no fading and quick dry, soft and comfortable to wear, not easy to slip and has longer service life.
Keep Warm and Absorb Sweat: The full ear coverage design can prevent you against winter chill, cold wind, dust and sand, and the sweat-absorbent band can also keep sweat out of your eyes during exercising, giving you comfortable feeling, very applicable in your daily life.
Wide Range of Usage: Our fleece ear warmer headbands are good for workout, doing yoga, playing basketball, skiing, cycling, snowboarding, running, hiking, trekking, climbing and other outdoor activities, providing comfort and warmth.
Specifications: Material: Polyester and Spandex Color: As picture shows Size: One Size Fits Most
Package Includes: 1 x Winter Fleece Ear Warmer Headband
color JE-B-01, JE-B-02, JE-B-03, JE-B-04, JE-B-05, JE-B-06, JE-B-07, JE-B-08, JE-B-09, JE-01, JE-02, JE-03, JE-04, JE-05, JE-06, JE-07, KU-B-A-001, KU-B-A-002, KU-B-A-003, KU-B-A-004, KU-B-A-005, KU-B-A-006, KU-B-A-007, KU-B-A-008, KU-B-A-009, 8HA-A01-001, 8HA-A01-002, 8HA-A01-003, 8HA-A01-004, 8HA-A01-005, 8HA-A01-006, 8HA-A01-007, 8HB-A21-001, 8HB-A21-002, 8HB-A21-003, 8HB-A21-004, 8HB-A21-005, 8HB-A22-001, 8HB-A22-002, 8HB-A22-003, 8HB-A22-004, 8HB-A22-005, 8HB-A31-001, 8HB-A31-002, 8HB-A31-003, 8HB-A31-004, 8HB-A31-005, 8HB-A34-001, 8HB-A34-002, 8HB-A34-003, 8HB-A34-004, 8HB-A34-005, 8HB-A34-006, 8HB-A34-007, 8HB-A34-008, 8HB-A38-001, 8HB-A38-002, 8HB-A38-003, 8HB-A38-004, 8HB-A38-005
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