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PRE WASH before wearing and for super soft texture...better with age! 
SUPER CUTE GIFT or GIFT WRAP!!      NAPKINS!! I prefer light weight napkins over heavy canvas.    MASKS!!    PAPER TOWELS!! Eco-friendly. BUY 4 OR MORE @ $5.59 a piece!! Durable light weight 100% cotton. 20" X 20" I wear them out on the town and on the farm.I wear them to WORK OUT or for YOGA. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. COLORS MAY BE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT...
color teal pink flower_1, Pink feather_2, Pink flower Lime green_3, Pink Lotus Drk Green Scroll_4, Pink flower Yellow Gold_5, Pink Drk Green Fleur-de-lis_6, Pink Orange LARGE flower_7, Pink Orange SMALL flower_8, Pink Toile_9, Pink yellow small flower 10, Blue Leaf_11, Blue White ZigZag_12, Blue Petunia_13, Fish_14, Purple Blue Paisley_15, Navy Splatter web_16, Red flower Blue_17, Blue flower Green vine_18, Blue Toile_19, Blue Fleur-de-lis_20, Pomegranate_21, Cherry Flower_22, Grey Flower_23, RED flower_24, Red Mint green flower_25, Yellow red paisley_26, Small Red Teal flower_27, red ORANGE flower_28, Taupe Red flower_30, Yellow Red Drk Teal flower_299, Red Green Drk Teal flower_311, Blue flower Teal field_32, Small Blue Flower teal field_3..., Blue Green Ellipse_34, Teal Feather_35, Blue White Green flower teal f..., Paisley Teal field_37, Teal Toile_38, Maroon Green flower teal feild..., Teal Green flower_40, Yellow Teal Blue flower_41, Purple Teal flower_42, Taupe Red Blue flower_43, Blue Blue Dot Flower- 44, Red White Blue Flower_45, Steel Blue Flower_46, Taupe Flower_47, Blue Blue Grey Dimond_48, Blue Blue raindrop_49, Red White Blue Stripe_50, Pink Gold Flower_51, Pink Dimond_52
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